Here We Go

Welcome to the experiment in diversification. was through error and oversight allowed to expire. Redeeming it is proving to be a slow process. I had been rethinking our web presence anyway and this debacle proved to be the catalyst needed to try something new.

One goal is to deliver the news of events affecting our kennel in a more timely manner. Posting the the website virtually ceases once training begins in earnest. This medium will allow a picture and a few words to be uploaded without having to worry about how it fits into the big picture of kennel history or the structure of the main website.

The other primary goal is to comment on issues that are Siberian Husky related or race related but not necessarily belonging on the Alaskans Anadyr Siberian website.

This medium allows feedback in the form of comments. As many of my views could be considered anachronistic I look forward to generating some(comments). In an attempt to control comment spam, registration will be required and the first post will be moderated.

JP Norris