Another run, another group

I will not accept the excuses that the dogs are now faster and have outrun the Siberians, that the Siberian is essentially a long distance plodder. In their heydey the Siberians outran and outlasted all comers. The fastest of those Siberians could have run with the best of the present dogs.

–Dr. Roland Lombard from a paper reprinted in the ISHC 3rd Edition The Siberian Husky on Siberian Workability

This is also my observation and belief. It is exceedingly difficult to prove but it’s worth trying. Click on the picture for video.

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The dogs of this team, also linked to a pedigree.

Jim Brown and Vader

Vinnie and Vixen

Riot and Rambo

Raspy and Shelly

Lillian and Rowdy